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Awesome video of the VW Golf MK 7 being made. No cheesy music. No stupid voice-over explaining every single little process. Just good, clear video of a car being made.

I am super excited for Big Hero 6. Tested talks to Don Hall and Chris Williams, Co-Director of the film, to hear about how the fusion of San Francisco and Tokyo were mashed together to create the world in Big Hero 6. With John Lasseter at the helm, I have high hopes for this film!


Big news in SoHo/Chinatown: Photographer Jay Maisel’s massive corner home at 190 Bowery¬†has been sold for an undisclosed sum. He bought the huge building for himself about 4 decades ago for just $102,000. I cannot even imagine what it’s worth now. There’s talk that the building may become condos. Just what the area needs… -_-