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Great, now I have to worry about dying the next time I pump my tires.


Wow, this is so random. Apparently the actual raptor cage from Jurassic Park is on eBay right now at nearly $100,000. A steal if you’ve got the space and the need for a model Raptor (which comes included!). Bid here! See more images inside.

Just came across this CNN report about cage dwellers in Hong Kong. I previously posted a longer documentary about these low-income houses and how at least one Hong Kong organization is hoping to help these people get out of this place for good.

After watching this documentary from Journeyman Pictures, I don’t think I can ever justify complaining about my living conditions ever again. Produced in February 2010, this documentary shows a part of Hong Kong that most people hardly ever see — the private homes of some of Hong Kong’s poorest residents. The poorest of these live […]

I don’t have a fear or rats like most people do. I wouldn’t say that I like them, but I certainly don’t get grossed out by them. And yes, they can be cute! Look at this mother rat taking her children back to the cage. Home sweet home!

Doobybrain.com has closed!

As you may have guessed by the lack of updates lately, Doobybrain.com has taken an indefinite hiatus and will no longer be updated.

It’s been a wonderful few years but Herman has ultimately decided to only maintain his personal site, hermanyung.com.

You can close this window and continue to browse the Doobybrain.com archives or you can continue on to Herman Yung’s personal website.

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