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Gary Fong just launched an exclusive feature on his website that goes deep into the details of specific cameras with step-by-step tutorials and videos of all of the button functions and menus. It’s pretty in-depth and while there are only 2 cameras available for viewing now, the potential here for trying out future cameras before […]

Wow, this is incredibly ballsy. No clean room. Parts everywhere. Yikes. Makes me nervous just watching.


Minimally Minimal has a fantastic set of pictures of the iconic design of the Apple iSight camera. The site unpacks the device as if it were new and shows off all of the corners, curves, and shapes of this device that still looks and feels futuristic, but is actually a relic of the past.

The newly announced Narrative Clip 2, an 8MP wireless camera for capturing life’s moments at ease. I haven’t used one but it looks like you have to have it connected to your smartphone to take photos (Bluetooth connection?) which sort of sucks. We know how unreliable Bluetooth is. But I guess having a 30-hour battery […]