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I was under the impression that the GoPro Dual System wasn’t a new thing, but I just got an email about it and remembered how cool it would be to have this since I actually own 2 GoPro’s.

Casio. They don’t even care anymore. This camera costs $1300?! THAT’S IN USD TOO.

This video from Peak Design really digs into the reasons why despite owning a lot of camera straps, I have never really locked myself down to one. There are pros and cons to all of them but it looks like Slide might actually be a good middle-point for them all. It’s not really a neck […]


My good friend Albert Cheung just posted some great photos of the new Magnum Photo Agency camera bag line made in conjunction with Filson. The collection consists of a modest collection of bags ranging from slings to backpacks to totes, all made of course to Filson’s exceptional quality from 117 years of rugged bag-making and […]