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I, for one, am glad that this wasn’t much of an upgrade from the X100S. I still feel good about my X100S.

This is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen lately. It’s┬áthe work of Maison Carnot who shot this entire video in Paris through the viewfinder of a Pentax 67 medium-format camera.

Man, some really sad anecdotes about Kodak in the beginning of this video. They were so progressive then…


Knog makes my current and favorite bicycle light. Their lights are durable, effective, and super-bright, so it’s no wonder that they’d eventually move out of bicycle-only territory and start making some stuff for other night light uses as well. Introducing the Qudos. The Knog Qudos is a GoPro attachment that helps you film with the […]


The Cliff Notes version of what you need to know: Larger and sharper LCD screen 12MP control wheel on the lens greater shooting battery life than X20 $599.99, release on September 30, 2014 in black and silver Here’s a video of the camera (below) and if you want a hands-on first impressions review, head on […]