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Here’s photographer Philip Bloom talking about his experience taking pictures in Frankfurt with a bag full of digital and film cameras.

Shown in the video are a RED Epic, a RED Scarlet, a Sony FS700, and a Canon EOS 5D. That shot over the waterfalls is amazing.


Pop Chart Lab is selling this really lovely print of 100 cameras in history¬†for just $22. The 18″x24″ poster is limited to 500 prints in this first edition.

This is an interesting social game of sorts. A group of activists in Berlin are involved in a game they call Camover in which they destroy and/or remove CCTV cameras in public spaces and upload the videos online for points. Looks like they get around to doing some other vandalism in the meantime, but nonetheless, […]

If you’re wondering where the MTA can possibly watch you from at Grand Central Terminal, here’s video of some of those spots. On a somewhat related note, imagine if this place was completely abandoned. That’s what Michigan Central Station is like (it’s built by the same architects).