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Thank goodness somebody at Microsoft had the foresight into recording this construction on video. Pretty neat to see the original Microsoft campus take shape in the middle of this forest.

Campus Quad iOS app – Case Study preview from SoftFacade on Vimeo. Wow, I’ve never personally used this app before, but I imagine it would be so useful if I were a college student on campus today.

I’m not a huge supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement believe it or not. It’s not that I don’t agree with what they are fighting for, I certainly do, but I just feel like the way the group is going about it is counter-productive to their cause. I mean, honestly, it’s more of a […]


Apple has uploaded the campus-wide celebration of Steve Jobs’ life (which took place on October 19, 2011) to their website and if you open the link in Safari, you can watch it right now. It’s 80 minutes long, so…make sure your lunch break is at least that long.

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The Urban Outfitters Corporate Campus in Philadelphia’s historic Navy Yard is a wondrous architectural marvel by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle. The design firm managed to mix the old feel of the Navy Yard with the company’s earthy feel to get this sort of raw, open space that stretches the length of the building pictured below. […]