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The driver of the car is alive but critically injured. Look at that scene…

Nick Murray is having a hell of a lot of bad luck with a brand-new, recently bought Porsche 911 (purchased in Summer of 2013). The car he owns and drives right now has exhibited a number of problems out of the factory including short circuits, battery and engine failure, water leaks, and general reliability and build-quality issues. […]

This might actually be my favorite episode of Petrolicious so far. This Tatra T87 is just beautiful and I’m a little obsessed about it right now.


I’m sure many of you have been hearing about the huge recall (over 2 million vehicles) that GM is currently making for certain vehicles in their line made as early as 2003. The recall has huge rippling effects for Americans (GM is the 3rd largest auto maker in the country) and continues the downward spiral […]