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Remember those old-school bank bags that banks would hand out for promotion and deposits? Well, now you can get one of those when you purchase an AeroPress kit. Pretty awesome. Don’t bother with the regular kit when you can get this kit WITH the bag for the same price.

Grizz Chapman (who you may recognize from 30 Rock) carried Mark Malkoff around in NYC like a rich baby. Stares. Stares everywhere.


Handmade in Austin, TX by Bexar Goods. This looks wonderful — and if you’ve been a longtime reader, you’ll know that I absolutely love waxed canvas anything.

I love this giant wood counter! Other than that, this is a very elegant and simple explanation of how mechanical counters carry over numbers while counting.

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The Donky Bike by Ben Wilson is a bicycle with a steel beam running right through it horizontally. This steel beam aids in the carrying of heavy and unstable loads. It comes in two colors and is available right now! Donky Bike by Ben Wilson from Dezeen on Vimeo.