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Wow, this is some interesting research into the marketing of cereal to children. It turns out that a large majority of children’s cereals with mascots feature the mascot looking downward (as in, directly at the children). This downward gaze — directly at children’s eye level — increases trust in a brand and in turn translates […]

You know what? This would be a great single-serving YouTube channel. Just a bunch of videos of people eating a bowl of cereal on a mechanical bull.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.11.38 PM

This is such a genius idea! Two Dollars A Box is a cereal-lovers dream come true. Using the creator’s Amazon Affiliates link as a basis, this website basically shows you all of the cereals you can buy in bulk on Amazon that come in at $2 or less per box.

cereal magazine issue 3-01

I just picked up the latest issue of Cereal Magazine. As I’ve mentioned before, Cereal is one of the most beautiful periodicals I’ve ever encountered with amazing photography and travel writing. Check it out!