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Wu Healing / A Tea Ceremony from Caleb Vinson on Vimeo. Watching this video made me just want to drink all sorts of Chinese teas to regulate my health and body. Really nice video from Caleb Vinson.

This is a video of the Rockettes at this year’s tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center. I wasn’t there for this, but I did see the Rockettes last night at Radio City Music Hall. It was a bit different than the last time I went. They did away with a lot of the set changes […]

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Photo: Herman Yung The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will take place this year on November 30th from 7PM-9PM. The tree is already up at Rockefeller Center now though and you can watch as it gets decorated with 5 miles of LED lights. It’s going to be topped off by a huge Swarovski Crystal star […]