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Aaron Paul has always seemed like somebody I could hang out with. Or at least ride in an RV with.

At this point, I’d be very surprised if this video didn’t actually show the iPhone 5S in its rumored new “champagne” gold color. My lack of surprise is echoed by Gizmodo in this post about how lately Apple has had a very hard time keeping leaks under control. With only a few exceptions, just about every […]

Gizmodo offers some tips on how to pop open a bottle of champagne with a sword (or a knife) and in the process they find out that opening French bottles offers a much more satisfying pop than their American counterparts. The above video is of a French bottle and the one below is of an […]

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere goes from wet to dry in this reverse video portrait of her taken by photographer Tyler Shields. [via] So awesome, so awesome, so awesome, so awesome, so awesome!