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For once, I did not watch a video in its entirety before posting. But this one gets to slip by because of its content and the sheer length of it. It’s an hour-long video of a guided tour of the Brickworld 2014 LEGO convention in Chicago. Amazing.

Chicago, the murder-capital of the US, is home to a number of high-risk kids and young adults whose lives are seemingly pre-determined to be set on a path to crime, jail, and death. This 8-part VICE documentary goes into the depths of the current situation and takes a look at Montefiore Therapeutic Day School, a place […]


Look at this crazy photo of a Blue Line train that derailed this morning, at 2:55AM, at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The train reportedly jumped the tracks and continued to climb the escalators at which point it finally stopped in a very unusual looking position that looks like something straight out of a disaster flick. CNN […]

For those who don’t know, Chicago does this every year for St. Patrick’s Day.

Last fall, black dust began to blow through residential neighborhoods on the southeast side of Chicago. Only it wasn’t really dust; it was a fine black residue that clung to everything it touched, including noses and throats. Residents eventually learned that it was an oil byproduct called petroleum coke — petcoke for short — and […]