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I don’t know why, but I really like this photo of a smiling girl holding a bunch of chicks in an incubator (1944).

Ballet of Unhatched Chicks from Shaun SeongYoung Kim on Vimeo. A cute little video directed by Shaun Seong-Young Kim.

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Photo: National Science Foundation/Dr. Paul Ponganis Who can’t use a cute photo of penguins in Antarctica? After all, it will help you concentrate!


Think Steve Buscemi’s got some scary looking eyes? Wait until you see these ladies!

TWBE posted this link to the Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street Tumblr. That girl in the video still…yes.

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In this shocking news article linked from ANIMAL are photos of Russian factory workers at a poultry farm being forced — tearfully — to dump about 40,000 baby chicks into the cold to die. The factory has gone bakrupt and there is just no more feed for the chicks… So sad…