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I’ve posted a few videos of cotton candy artists previously here on Doobybrain. Now here’s one more.

Chinese performance artist Han Bing drags a cabbage through city centers in China to spark social commentary about people’s relationships with “important” everyday objects.

The Verge and The New York Times have both written about China’s weird obsession with Kenny G’s song “Going Home”. It’s become so ubiquitous in Chinese culture that it’s become a sort of unofficial exit song at the end of the day in workplaces, malls, and public spaces. Nobody quite knows why either, which is pretty funny. […]

The New York Times reports on the mysterious fireball that erupted from a natural gas drilling station in Western China operated by China Sinopec. There is an awkward silence concerning the event which occurred last year and it seems that China is working hard to make sure the reportedly deadly event doesn’t get reported.