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This is honestly the first time I’ve ever heard of this sport. Looks really exciting to watch though. I’m going to look out for 9-Man teams in Chinatown next time I’m there.


I was browsing the Library of Congress archives and dug up these old photos of NYC’s Chinatown. Amazing high-quality images. Have a look at a few more inside.

The fantastic re-telling of the story of how Vancouver crowd-funded its own sausage/hotdog place called Bestie on Indiegogo.

I’ve never seen the music video to this song until just now. Had no idea it was filmed right here on the streets of Chinatown…from a few years back. A good time capsule of what it was like back then.

NYC is going a different route to fight counterfeit goods by proposing a bill that would make the buyer of such goods (who knowingly purchase fake items) the perpetrator in such crimes. I think it’s an effective way to combat the epidemic. Get rid of buyers, get rid of the demand. Right?