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This is probably my favorite seasonal release from Chrome yet. The new CITY SERVICE series celebrates fire fighters, postal workers, and Caltrans workers with 3 limited edition color variations in their classic Citizen and Victor messenger bags. They’re available now if you’d like to pick one up. But hurry, because these are very limited!

Actually, there’s a blue chrome one in this video too!


I’m about to get real nerdy here. For as long as I could remember, Google Chrome’s Inspect Element window opened in an actual new window in Chrome. But with one of the more recent updates, my Inspect Element window suddenly started opening below the current open page (something that wasn’t a huge deal I guess but it was a […]


Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Chrome NYC hub to check out their new line of Forged Rubber shoes. If you’ve seen their video, you’ll know that Chrome happened upon an old factory in Thailand filled with machines that used to make real rubber soles for boots back in the day. The machines were […]