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I’ve never had a problem with my Chrome bags in wet weather — even pretty extreme thunderstorms — but if I ever needed something a little more extreme than what was already offered, well, Chrome has me covered in their new line of dry bags. Each of the 4 bags in the introductory lineup is […]

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There’s a lot going on here I supposeĀ but the best part about this to me is the fact that Yale tried to silence and get rid of something that was ultimately useful to students and ended up causingĀ another student to program an even better alternative. Pretty funny on the surface, but actually a very profound […]

WHAT! This is a long video, but it’s all pretty amazing to think that this is just spray-on paint.


Have you all seen what the crazy kooks at LaCie put out yesterday? This is the LaCie Sphere, a spherical chrome desktop harddrive that costs $490 for only 1TB of storage space. For the delusional designer in your life (maybe it’s you!).