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LEG POWER!!!! After riding for a year on LA hills (which are mostly steeper than people are normally led to believe), I can tell you that what this man is doing is not easy!


Everything about this bike is spectacular. Even with the heavy use of pink, this could easily be a bike for a man or a woman. These bikes were made by Division One Bicycles in Austin, TX for particular riders participating in the 2013 Division 1 Red Hook Crit Navy Yard. More photos here.


Wow, what a beautiful bike from Cinelli for the winner of this year’s 2013 Red Hook Crit. If you don’t want to race for this frame, you can buy one for $2750. Only 3 of these will be available.


What a wonderful experimental paint job on a Cinelli Vigorelli by Ainis Permins. I want! See more photos inside.

Cinelli The Art and Design of the Bicycle book by Rizzoli New York from Cinelli Official on Vimeo. Rizzoli New York is publishing an entire book on the Cinelli bicycle brand and how it has changed cycling. The book is out now and you can buy it for just $35 instead of the suggested $50 […]