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I’ve posted about Civil War Reenactors before but it’s always a treat when Conan does his bit with it. It helps too that he’s such a good history buff.

The New York Times has produced this video that goes over some of the important images that came out of the American Civil War. This video reminds me of the utterly amazing exhibit at the MET in NYC about the Civil War. If you are in NYC, I highly recommend visiting this exhibit because it […]

WEIGHT OF A BULLET I short documentary from Jeremy Adams on Vimeo. Jeremy Adams produced this short video about a man named Wes Ware (and his buddy) who spends some of his time looking for ancient Civil War relics such as bullets. Pretty interesting.

This is pretty insane, but it’s true apparently. In an attempt to curb rebel efforts, the Syrian government has begun to leak (or distribute) tainted or dirty ammunition to rebel soldiers which explode inside guns when fired. This tactic can kill or maim rebel soldiers. Syria isn’t the only government to use this tactic on […]

A unique look into the life of Civil War Reenactors who are about 50,000 strong in the US. This group shown here plays their part in Orange County, California and they literally live and breathe the Civil War in all aspects — not just in battles but in living every day life as well.


In Focus has an incredible post featuring some of the notable figures in Civil War history including the portrait of Ulysses S. Grant above. It’s pretty amazing how clear these photos are even though they’re from the 1800s.