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Helmut Smit has a new art installation called The Real Thing in which he boils a glass bottle of Coca-Cola to yield water vapor which he then collects in a separate beaker as drinking water.


Great news (sort of?!). If you’re feeling nostalgic for late ’90s/early-2000s soda beverages, Coca-Cola has got you covered. They are bringing back SURGE in larger 16-oz. cans. You can buy a case of 12 for $14 and relive that sweet, somewhat weird-tasting, green citrus soda “WITH CARBOS”.


This is neat! And I’m super late to write about this, but a few weeks ago Coca-Cola sent me this personalized package with two bottles of Coke, one labeled with my name and the other for a buddy of mine. It came packaged in this sweet box that when opened made an audible fizzie noise. […]

Did you know Diet Coke floats in water because it has less sugar in it?

Ugh. So much caramelized sugar from this bottle of Coke. Visit Sugar Stacks to visualize how much sugar is in your favorite sodas and soft drinks.