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Haha, this is so funny. It’s a spoof on the Arnold Schwarzenegger DVD commentary for Total Recall.


This is pretty genius and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it done for a major theatrical release. But the director of Looper, Rian Johnson, has released a special in-theater commentary for free download to encourage 2nd viewings of the film in theaters. As he says on his blog, the commentary here will be […]

Gothamist posted this rather amusing commentary from a group of young ladies shopping at Saks’ 60% off shoe sale on Boxing Day. I sort of want to watch more videos of these women shopping. It seems like it’d make for a good show.


Photo: Herman Yung Chelsea Fagan at Thought Catalog writes it best in a few bullet points about the current state of street photography. Here’s a snippet: Why won’t they admit that they clearly only photograph models? I thought the point of street fashion was to take pictures of people that don’t look exactly like everyone […]