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I am in love with this project called the Good Night Lamp on Kickstarter. It’s a set of house-shaped lights that are connected via the internet from anywhere in the world. The lamps allow you to have a visual signal that can play out in a number of scenarios, some of which are outlined in […]

National Geographic has uploaded this video that follows some very lucky, brave, and special people who all had a first-hand account of living through the events of 9/11 (in NYC, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania). Around this time every year I get in this odd phase where I cannot stop watching re-runs of television broadcasts of […]

AnimalNY shared this old-timey looking video of skateboarder Anthony Pappalardo cruising around New York City with Mark Gonzales’ “Circle Board”. The “Circle Board” is made of 9 regular skateboards connected end to end in a circle. If you want to see the board in person, you can do so at the Franklin Parrasch Gallery until […]