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A neat idea, especially since you can use it the other way around too to remotely control the shutter on your iPhone. It does a lot of other stuff other than triggering your DSLR, like setting time-lapses and acting as a security device for you and your camera. Cool. Check it out here.

Ever sit in a BMW and think, man, this car is really nice. A good part of that is because BMW hires people to measure and refine the feel of every single surface and button in the car. It isn’t good enough that the button is placed in a convenient location to the driver and […]

MYO – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs

Umm, Power Glove? This $150 device/bracelet is sort of like the Leap Motion controller, except that you can use it to control a lot more things. Looks kind of cool, but I’d like to see more videos of people testing it before I make a final decision. Find out more at GET MYO if you’re […]