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Soul Pancake set up a couch on a busy city street and invited strangers to have a conversation about a topic chosen by random.

What the hell? Also, I’m pretty sure that’s one of the DTLA tunnels, right?

Jeremiah McDonald had the insight at 12-years-old to record a video of himself talking to his future self in hopes that his future self will one day remember and talk back. Well, his future self remembered. And at age 32, Jeremiah records a video response back to himself, 12 years earlier. Confusing? Watch the video.


Photo: Adam Krause Hypebeast did a quick interview with Andrew Chen, co-founder of 3sixteen and co-owner of Self Edge NY. I’ve always respected Andrew for doing what he does and doing it better than most, and seeing him and his team get recognition for years of hard work really makes me happy. I really look […]