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This is one of those commercials that’s so stupid that it’s actually good. Here, Hanes wraps a scooter in their ultra-soft cotton tees and then rolls the bundle off a cliff. It “softens the blow”, but I guess it would…?

Nobody was hurt on Friday May 4th when a tractor trailer carrying cotton got stuck over a train crossing and ended up being split in half by an oncoming train. The incident was recorded by bystanders and you can tell by the screams that at least one person was freaked out by the accident.

I really enjoying the work of installation artist Zimoun and this latest video of his showing 138 DC Motors with cotton ball tips rubbing against cardboard boxes is amazing in scale and concept. Who would have thought that cotton could make so much beautiful ambient noise (although I’m sure to some extent the noise is […]

I love Zooey Deschanel, and if she’s going to make a commercial for cotton, then well, I’ll support her and the fabric! I just so happen to be wearing a cotton tee right now! WOWEEWOWEEE!!!!