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Laughing Squid posted this series of photos from James Friedman called “Interior Design” that looks at the very varied interiors of golf balls. The entire set of images is quite beautiful. But one has to wonder if the vastly different interior make-up of these balls lead to a drastically different kind of game played.


This incredibly large image is taken from Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections. Look at everything!


Here’s another one from eBoy of a cross-section of a cruise ship. It was published in BudgetTravel Magazine in the US.


Lambo from Hugo Baptista on Vimeo. PetaPixel shared this project from Huga Baptista where he uploads lightpainting cross-sections to Vimeo and allows you to play the video back to create your own cross-section lightpainting. If done correctly, the video above will produce the following image below. You can play and try out some other objects […]