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A great video on how some people are choosing to live in Detroit and revitalize its historic architecture rather than see it torn down because of blight. I love this, mainly because I’ve always thought that Detroit held some of the nation’s best looking buildings. Sure, a lot of them have fallen into ruin, but […]

I’ve been here before and it’s always a trip to see new footage from it. It’s one of the largest single-abandoned facilities on earth and the size of it is truly impressive (also a bit sad of course too). The Packard Auto Plant was a center figure in the book I just finished called Detroit: […]

I’ve been reading through Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff and have really grown to understand that predicament that the city of Detroit is finding itself in. It’s not a simple situation nor is the solution a simple one, but at least Charlie LeDuff is bringing hard issues to light and making sure the […]