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There are many ways to set up a backup system for your digital workflow, but if you need some ideas, Tony Roslund has posted this short video about his own setup.


Did you know that the American Museum of Natural History has a special collection of digital archives available for free browsing? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

An interesting concept to make the newspaper seem outdated in order to advertise an online digital issue of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.


Whoa. How come nobody told me about this? The Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum has digitized approximately 75% of their collection and it’s mostly available for free viewing online. The best thing is that every piece seems to be labeled and categorized really efficiently. Every category, type, and color is linked so browsing can take […]

This app sounds amazing if only for the simultaneous copy and checksum verification aspect of it. Would be a huge time-saver for having personal copies and delivering client drives AT THE SAME TIME.

So happy that Parks and Recreation is now putting out these original digital shorts. More Perd Hapley is always a good thing.