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So happy that Parks and Recreation is now putting out these original digital shorts. More Perd Hapley is always a good thing.

I was very excited to see Nikon’s introduction into the retro-styled camera game, but then I heard the price and it bummed me out. And then I heard about the weird analog + digital button configuration and I was like…WTF. So I passed this camera off as a non-contender. Seems like Fstoppers thought much of […]


Great news for people who really identify with the Leica brand. The camera company has repackaged the Panasonic DMC-LF1 as the Leica C. Other than outward appearances, the cameras are essentially the same thing, sharing the same sensor, similar size, and features. The Leica C comes in 2 color variations, light gold and a dark […]

sam from kynd on Vimeo.

Umm, so this is really neat. Kenichi Yoneda uses openFrameworks to create digital self-drawing watercolor paintings with a computer. Here’s one example of what it can do. And here’s a couple more.