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This is heavy. It takes a while to get to the Japan portion, but when it comes to it…man, it’s just so sad.


I’m trying to remember if I watched the YouTube Live show back in 2008. I can’t quite remember, and I’m not sure if it’s because the show was a disaster¬†(as remembered by The Verge) or if I just truly didn’t care enough to watch a bunch of relatively obscure (at the time) people romp around […]

Some good survival tips about what to do when the worst happens to you while you’re in your car.

All morning I was told by several people to watch this episode of Kitchen Nightmares about a couple who runs a restaurant called Amy’s Baking Company in Arizona. I’ve seen Kitchen Nightmares before so I figured I knew what was coming. Nope! This episode was the first time in over 100 episodes where Chef Gordon […]

This oddly cut and awkward video is a portion of KDOC’s disastrous live New Year’s Eve show. It was filled with F-bombs, cuts at the wrong places, Macy Gray (?) as the special performer, Jamie Kennedy, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony dropping more F-bombs, and finally a fight on stage as the credits roll. This is […]