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Fantastic short documentary about Clara C’s journey from YouTube cover artist to…just a regular musical artist!

Cool and short documentary about the craft beer brewing community in the US.

OH YES. This is such a good find on YouTube! Don’t know how I missed this before. Check out how MUTEMATH made their Armistice album. If you don’t know this band, you have to listen. They are great and I consider them one of my favorite bands of all time. Buy their Armistice album here!

No joke, I was thinking about the wonders of flight last night as I made my way from Los Angeles to NYC on a jumbo jet. It still seems pretty cool to me that I can get on a plane and get off in a matter of several hours and end up nearly 3000 miles away […]

It turns out that that documentary called No Cameras Allowed about a guy who snuck his way into many music festivals, is actually an MTV-produced documentary. It premiered already…I wonder if I can find the full documentary online somewhere. Update: Yep, you can watch the whole thing on MTV’s website.

Just heard about this movie called TIME ZERO that looks at the life and legacy of the classic Polaroid instant film before it went out of business. You can watch it here for $4.99.