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This is neat. Pretty soon NYC residents, businesses, and organizations will be able to register .nyc domains. No word on price yet, but hopefully it won’t be too much of a premium.

Whenever I get an idea for something even mildly brilliant, I immediately try to buy the domain, and if it’s available, I’ll register it. Why? Because domains are cheap, and if the domain doesn’t happen in a year’s time, then I let it go. But in the rare case that it sprouts into a lovely […]

I, like many loyal Demonoid users, was hoping that the downtime of famed invite-only torrent tracker Demonoid would only last for a short time. Today however, my wishes were crushed when TorrentFreak reported that the domain name is now up for sale. I guess this really is goodbye to the best collection of super-rare torrents […]


Smartphone users have long been able to access this website with the shorter dbybrn.com URL, but starting today those of us with full keyboards have the option of getting here by typing any of 5 popular domain suffixes after doobybrain in the address bar (see graphic above). How you get here is entirely up to […]

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Starting July 1, 2010, domain registrations for .COM’s and .NET’s will increase (.COM’s by 7% and .NET’s by 10%). WHAT. -_-

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Not feeling lazy enough to type DBYBRN.com? Why not exercise those fingers with a longer URL that will still bring you to the place you want to be everyday? That’s right, www.hhheeerrrmmmaaannn.com now brings you to Doobybrain.com. Give it a try. It’s like magic!