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This past weekend I got to venture into a part of the formerly abandoned Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn to see Kara Walker’s A Subtlety. I’ve posted a video of it previously but seeing it in person is a whole different experience. The “Sugar Baby” is massive, but even moreso is the space it is […]

On display every Fri-Sun through July 6th inside the Domino Sugar Factory is Kara Walker’s giant installation made out of sugar. The sculpture is a tribute to unpaid workers who have helped create sugar worldwide for our own pleasure. It’s called “A Subtlety (or the Marvelous Sugar Baby)”.

Reposting this great video from AnimalNY featuring graffiti-aficionado and urban explorer 2e (otherwise known as @Gothamr on Instagram). I’ve been following him for a long time and his images are some of the best I’ve seen from the underground world of abandoned NY. This video takes us along for a ride with him as he […]


Two Trees’ proposed redevelopment of the abandoned Domino Sugar Factory has just gotten some new renderings. The most surprising part I guess is reading that the entire site will be under construction well into 2020. See some more renderings inside.


Noah Kalina posted a link to dominosugarfactory.com. I kind of want to know what this mysterious site is up to…