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Every year on this date, I reflect on the amount of time I’ve wasted (spent?) updating this blog over the years and every year I conclude that it’s been worth it! If you recall, Doobybrain turned 10 last year. And the year before that, it turned 9. And the year before that, it turned 8. […]


In a word, this is my idea of camera perfection. I rate this a 9/10. Tact-sharp photos, excellent color reproduction, and dedicated controls for everything make this camera very fun to use and very fun to shoot with. Also, I really do not miss the size and weight of a DSLR setup. This compact setup […]

Before the internet, April Fools’ Day was a bearable “holiday”. But with increasing annoyance every year, the internet becomes absolutely unusable on April 1st, so today, I am not going to post anything.