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This is cool. I’ve always wanted to see a close-up video of how this is done.


A fascinating look inside a Maspeth, Queens sign shop which creates all of NYC DOT’s signage. As a designer, this must be exciting to see your work literally every turn of your head (even if it is a bit of dull work).


Beginning this year in Midtown, NYC will start replacing about 6300 parking signs all across the city to match what you see above. The newly laid out signs are the work of Pentagram¬†and will hopefully curb confusion and frustration when trying to read signs while passing them by in a vehicle looking for parking. We […]


BoingBoing writes about this Census Dotmap that uses a single dot to represent the 308,450,225 people recorded by the 2010 census in the US. You’ll notice that people are recorded as living inside major parks in major cities, which is pretty unusual. But hey, the census can’t be wrong, right?