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What a fantastic video of Downtown Los Angeles shot from a flying drone. I do, in fact, miss this very much.

This is a video about the battle between Northwestern University developers and architecture fans in the city of Chicago. The building in question is Betrand Goldberg’s

I don’t know which came first, but I wonder what caused this town to either approve the building of railroad tracks right down the middle or what caused this town to build itself around these already-existing railroad tracks.


This is a really interesting article over at LA Weekly about the single most influential character in making Downtown LA’s Arts District so friendly an environment. Tyler Stonebreaker was asked by the founders of Handsome Coffee Roasters to find a place where they could serve coffee and roast their beans and when Tyler suggested the […]

I pass by this place often and it always looks so busy and cozy inside. I don’t have hair to cut so I’ve never been in, but this short video from Thrashlab covers the bases pretty well.