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A behind the scenes look at a car shoot featuring a bunch of exotic and rare cars in Los Angeles. The car was part of a benefit for The Painted Turtle charity. Photos by Richard Thompson III.


Another fantastic letterpress piece of work by Joey Roth. This one gives visual representation to the Grind vs the Dream. Grind: Disciplined, incremental movement through reality towards a goal. Dream: A good idea that loses potency as it encounters reality. Printed by Aardvark Letterpress in LA. You can buy one for $35.

I’ve seen a lot of videos from Burning Man over the years, but this one takes the cake. Amazing footage, timelapses, and just overall beautiful shots of this crazy gathering in the desert.


For Husbands’ latest music video “Dream” Cauboyz created a flashing display of lightboxes lit up in sync with the lyrics to the song. Looks really neat. If you wanna see how it was made, check out the extra video after the jump.