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This is so sad. That so-called “heroin nod” is never fun to see and certainly never fun to see from a mother in front of her daughter. Glad the authorities got involved.

The Dark Web is one part of the web I never want to stumble upon. Sure it facilitates the travel of information to places that might otherwise censor it, but it also seems like an incredibly dangerous place from everything that I’ve heard about it. If I recall, there was a Reddit thread that really […]

Is this not the craziest coincidence you’ve ever heard????

Wow, this video find really just brought me back to my childhood.¬†Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue was a 30-minute anti-drug film featuring a cavalcade of ’90s cartoon characters all joining together to teach kids the value of living a drug-free life. It was broadcast simultaneously on ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS on April 21, 1990