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I enjoyed watching this 10 minute video on how Dunlop creates and retreads their aircraft tires.


These are nice. Can’t decide if $120 is steep though for Volleys — even if they are full grain leather.

Dunlop Tires (or should I say, tyres) created this video to demonstrate the amazing performance ability of their tires. Of course, owning these tires won’t enable you to drive like these stuntmen, so don’t even try this with your own car. I actually thought it was just filmed backwards until I saw the cars jump […]

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I think DQM just picked up some Spring Court sneakers which are the closest things to Dunlop Volleys that I’ve seen State-side. They probably aren’t cheap if they’re being picked up by DQM and Tani, but I wonder if they have special price-points in the US compared to their prices in France and the UK. […]


I just photographed all of the pairs of sneakers that I own on my hardwood floor and the result is somewhat mesmerizing. I realize now that I have enough pairs of footwear to last more than half a month without ever wearing a pair twice. If there’s one thing I don’t need any more of, […]