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This is one of the more interesting videos about radiation that I’ve seen. Veritasium compares different radioactive sites around the world with each other. Stay to the end of this video, because well…if you smoke, you’re f*cked.

The HD cameras pointed at earth are operational 24/7 through October 15th. You can tune in above whenever you want and watch the earth below the ISS!

This must be such a wild thing to witness happening in slow-motion. A small town in Jackson, Wyoming is being slowly ripped apart by a landslide.

In February of last year, I posted a video of a meteor falling to earth that was caught on a Russian dashcam camera. The video was remarkable and I remember it bringing to light how many vehicles in Russia are equipped with dashcam cameras (Wirecutter has a review of the best ones by the way). […]

Here’s a wonderful pop-up book illustration of how Pangea turned into what we know as Earth today.