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A behind the scenes look at a car shoot featuring a bunch of exotic and rare cars in Los Angeles. The car was part of a benefit for The Painted Turtle charity. Photos by Richard Thompson III.

The Elephant in the Living Room – Trailer from MainSail Productions on Vimeo. A new movie called The Elephant In The Living Room ventures into the heated debate in the US about raising and owning exotic pets. The movie focuses mostly on two people — Tim Harrison, a police officer whose friend was killed by […]


When I posted about the blog Flat Black Cars last week I noted that the site hadn’t been updated in a few months. Well, thankfully, the writer(s) behind the site are back at it and today they dropped a bomb! Look at this matte black Lamborghini Aventador!


Check out this video of a man with a dream to host a small European car show here in the States. With some good word of mouth, the car show turned out to be quite a big success. Lots of great eye-candy in this video.