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There’s a lot going on here I supposeĀ but the best part about this to me is the fact that Yale tried to silence and get rid of something that was ultimately useful to students and ended up causingĀ another student to program an even better alternative. Pretty funny on the surface, but actually a very profound […]

one tab

I am going to make use of this so much! One Tab is a Chrome browser extension that saves your open tabs as a list that you can recall one by one if needed. The purpose of this extension is to reduce memory usage — from many tabs being open to just one tab being […]

How to wrap an extension cord like a contractor

What the heck?! I have never seen anybody wrap their extension cord like this, but man, I need to try this because it does look a lot better than the way I do it now.

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I can vouch for these AmazonBasics USB 2.0 Extension Cable as being totally worth their money. They are thick cables (not some cheap extender that will rip open when you accidentally bend the cable too much) and they definitely carry enough power to charge a power-hungry USB-charged device like the iPhone/iPad. The 10-foot cable is […]

I want to look back at this video in a few years and see how far the city has come to making this extended 7 line a reality. That inclined elevator is pretty interesting. I want to see how that works.