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This is so freaky! PetaPixel posted this video of “digital make-up” being applied to a woman’s face through the use of real-time facial recognition and tracking software.


This is so interesting. CV Dazzle¬†is an experiment/project involving fashion that adds makeup onto human faces in such a way that causes facial recognition camera systems to completely gloss over the fact that you are human. In essence, it allows a person to hide in plain sight from automated cameras. The project is a joint […]

Photographer Daniel Boschung has taken the same GigaPixel photo concept and used it on a single human face, effectively producing an image where you can zoom down into the pores at full clarity. Here’s an example of a man named Enrique. Here’s the rest of the series.

There’s something very funny about this despite its crude quality. Or maybe it’s the not-so-perfectness of it all that makes it even funnier.