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A behind the scenes look at Selle San Marco developing new fenders with Ass Savers.

I guess this is the tour I would have taken if I made the drive out to Corona, CA. An interesting thing to note: Fender solid guitars are made so well that they are actually very hard to smash. For movies that show musicians smashing guitars on stage, Fender sometimes has to pre-break guitars so […]

I was thinking about visiting and tour the Fender Guitar factory in Corona, CA when I came across this video of how Fender guitars used to be made. It’s a restored 8mm video with music overlayed.

Here’s another roll-up fender design called Musguard which is still in funding status on Kickstarter. It’s unlike the Plume rain guard because you need to roll it up manually but the Musguard in my opinion looks a little cooler (not to mention it’s attached in a better way). Price: $25.

A real-life demonstration of the BikeSmart Tangent SL Fender which places the rain guard in an unconventional place. However, this new placement seems to work wonders in terms of reducing water splashback when riding. [via]