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This is cool and all, but if he was dreaming big, why didn’t he dream up a longer boat?

If you aren’t convinced that Vornado fans are the best kind of fan because of their vortex technology, then watch this video as you’ll see a Vornado fan keeping a beach ball afloat in a space. Neat!

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s giant yellow floating duck visited Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor on Thursday. The duck which has been floating since 2007 has visited several countries already to make people think about the world and world peace (yes, seriously). Its next stops are bound for the US.


Installed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo is Junya Ishigami’s massive helium-filled installation piece called Cuboid Balloon. The shape is in fact free-floating despite it weight over a ton due to its aluminum truss construction. Walking underneath this metallic, reflective sculpture must be neat. There’s a video filmed with a potato of the installation if you […]


Well, here’s your whimsical and random site of the day. Bring In The Cats!


Orange22 Design Lab’s Floating Wall Desk is currently on sale for just $699 (regular price is $1199). So elegant when paired with the right desk accessories. ᔥ SwissMiss