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Have you all seen the Fifty Dollar Follow Focus? It’s a little invention sold by Hondo Garage that puts a gear-like focus ring on your lens so that you can mimic the feel of a much larger and more expensive video rig. For the Canon 50mm f/1.8, it requires this 3D printed follow focus from […]

Dezeen and MINI celebrate the city’s focus on design as a competitive feature of this city. Through design, the city has brought in a lot of tourism as well as a lot of tech businesses into NYC. Next year I’m hoping to check out the NYCxDesign festival. Seems like a great week of design consumption […]


Man, this review here is enough to turn me off from Canon’s mirrorless endeavors for a good while. How did they screw this up so badly?

PetaPixel just uploaded this video of Fujifilm’s split-image focusing system on their new X100s. This is something that’s traditionally been in rangefinder cameras but never quite made it to the digital front until now. This is pretty exciting!