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I’ve written about Soylent before. It’s that Kickstarter-funded magic formula of nutrition that can reportedly replace food altogether for an average human being. You can make some at home if you don’t want to be on their waiting list, but if you enjoy other people’s company and the actual taste of food, you won’t be […]

Ugh. So much caramelized sugar from this bottle of Coke. Visit Sugar Stacks to visualize how much sugar is in your favorite sodas and soft drinks.

BoingBoing posted this video from The Smithsonian Channel that interviewed a few former PanAm stewardesses from the ’60s who reminisce about the fabulous food being served on their airline. Such a stark contrast to the stupid peanuts and 1 drink you get on some domestic flights.

Here’s episode 2 of F*CK THAT’S DELICIOUS with Action Bronson. In case you missed it, here’s Episode 1 with Action Bronson exploring MILKSHAKES.