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Ford cut up a 2015 Ford Mustang and moved it piece by piece to the top of the Empire State Building and then proceeded to assemble it back together in about 5 hours. It’s not quite a drivable car, but who cares because you can’t drive it up there anyway.

In terms of the light shows that the Empire State Building has been putting on this one, which celebrates the Ford Mustang being assembled at the top of the tower, is probably one of the best light shows. In case you didn’t know, the NY International Auto Show is also opening this weekend and runs until end […]

Jalopnik just posted a bunch of videos from Ford showing how the company tests its F-150 pickup truck to the limit. The videos are pretty fun to watch as the truck bed gets jiggled, rumbled, and stretched to its limit of strength and durability. I’ll post some videos here and after the jump, but if […]

The XyloVan is a musical instrument on wheels that gives everybody the opportunity to come up and play a tune on any of the xylophones attached to the vehicle. If you’re intrigued at all by this project, you can support the next phase of the XyloVan by donating to this Indiegogo campaign here. ᔥ BoingBoing