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Remember those amazing colorful forks from Death Spray Customs? Well, here’s what it looks like on a LOW bicycle. Amazing! Bigger photos here.

This is incredible, but I imagine that this would only work with non-overcooked shrimp.

OMG! This is one of those amazing moments in my life when I realize why something is shaped and designed the way it is! I’ve seen these weird looking forks before but just figured they were made that way for an aesthetic purpose. But boy was I wrong! These swirly forks are apparently a specially […]

After an extended waiting period, the finale to season 2 of Casual is out! Be sure to take some time out of the day to watch it above!

Researchers at Japan’s Ochanomizu University have created a musical utensil known as the EaTheremin that works somewhat like an actual Theremin by forming an electrical circuit between the food you eat and the hand that holds it. Imagine a whole restaurant being outfitted with these forks. OMG. My ears are bleeding already.