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Kina Grannis‘ new album Elements isn’t released until next week, but the A.V. Club is streaming the entire album for free right now. Listen below! Pre-order the album in high-quality, DRM-free download right now. Related articles Music: YouTube Artist Kina Grannis is in Her Element

The fact that this place exists is so wonderful to me. These cats, all up for adoption, are given a large piece of land to roam free and play. VisitĀ The Cat House on the KingsĀ for more information.

The best thing on this list is the Back To The Future tunnel at Griffith Park! Good luck getting a good view of it though because at least from every time I’ve been there, there’s always a lot of traffic going through (and it’s not exactly walkable).


This is neat. You can now tour the new Sriracha factory in Irwindale for free! All you need to do is schedule an appointment during regular business hours (M-F, 9-3PM) and you’re in! Call the number here to schedule an appointment: 626.286.8328.