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I wonder if this farmer has seen Interstellar. The type of progress he’s making on making his farm smart and digital is pretty much in line with what you see in the future world that exists in Interstellar.

Wow, this is a really cool video on how NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is exploring and experimenting with new human interface controls to control their robots and rovers.


I forget if I’ve posted this before, but this PDF document has been sitting on my desktop for ages. Early last year, The LA Times republished one of their print articles from April 3, 1988 which showed some predictions for the year 2013 — 25 years into the future at the time. It included wonderful […]


SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Open at 268 Mulberry Street in NYC from May 17-21 (11AM to late). This is, I’m hoping, going to be like Disney’s Carousel of Progress.