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Measuring 45 feet long and 26 feet wide, Arturo’s Desert Eagle sets the world record for largest paper airplane as it soars over Arizona. COOL.

The Processional Arts Workshop created a “Procession of Confession” to draw attention to government surveillance. I saw this over the weekend. I had no idea it was a politically charged protest.

This video was pretty exciting to watch mainly for the reactions of both adults as they realize they’ve hooked the largest lake trout either of them has ever seen.


How fun do these look?! Turn any inanimate object into a friend with these Giant Googly Eyes.

I just spent the last hour watching this video from National Geographic about the insane hunt for giant carp — that is, carp that weighs 300 pounds or more. The world surrounding carp is an expensive one it seems which makes me wonder how much those carp ponds people own really are.