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I forget where I’ve read something like this before (maybe it was in Salt Sugar Fat), but BoingBoing has published a short article from Dan Lewis, author of this book on interesting facts, about how canned soup companies use giant carrots to increase the taste of their soup to be more like homemade. If it weren’t for […]

Apparently there’s a glitch in Super Smash Bros. that ends up giving a player a giant pink Yoshi.

This is an incredibly long video (over 3 hours long!), but that’s because science is happening in real time here! This is a recording of a live dissection of a giant squid. Around the 54-minute mark, you get to learn a lot about the anatomy of the colossal squid. Then, somewhere around 1 hour and […]

Measuring 45 feet long and 26 feet wide, Arturo’s Desert Eagle sets the world record for largest paper airplane as it soars over Arizona. COOL.