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Using my site44 Dropbox website, I put together a list of gifts I think would be a good option for any occasion — birthdays, graduations, celebrations, etc. Anything. They are gender-neutral and so long as you don’t hate life you’ll probably find something nice here for yourself or for the person who’s hard to shop […]


Best Made Co. Elkskin Mitts – $82 Poler Napsack – $130 William Eggleston Chromes (3-book set) – $345 1960s IBM 13.5″ Standard Issue Clock – $235 New York Nights by James and Karla Murray – $40 These neon Caran D’Ache ballpoint pens. – $20 each. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition – $399 Low Pursuit Bicycle – […]

Want to feel good? Watch this video of Lucas Jatobá celebrating his 30th birthday by giving away 30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney, Australia.


My friend Sarah shared this site and I am just in awe that there is a company that exists that only delivers pretzels as gifts and food baskets. Unfortunately for those of us who love pretzels, this service only exists in the greater Philly area. But hey, who says this same idea won’t fly in […]

Listen to how evil some of these kids sound when they laugh hysterically after realizing that they’ve just been gifted a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. The dramatic music in this video really does me in, but honestly, I don’t blame these kids for being so excited. I was pretty ecstatic when I first got my […]